Benevolent Creationship
February 18th - 9pm CET (your local time)

Benevolent Creationship in Business opens the doors to possibilities for having an awesome adventure where your life, your business and relationship with partners becomes greater and more joyful every single day! 

If what you’ve been creating with your business, your life and your relationships isn’t enough for you, this Benevolent Creationship in Business workshop and tools will invite you to new possibilities that may never have existed before.

Are you willing to have an adventure? Are you willing to create beyond the ‘normal’ suffering that most people have? However that could look for you?

Learn what the energy of generosity of spirit is and how you can embody it.

How creating your business new everyday will actually help everything grow and expand.

In English, with translations in Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.



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